Monday, January 26, 2009

Pumpin' Pal's new "page" on facebook

Pumpin' Pal Internation now has a page on facebook -- Check it out and become a "fan" on our facebook page!

Our facebook page also offers you an opportunity to share your own experiences related to breastfeeding and pumping as well as ask other moms for feedback on current concerns you're struggling with.

Over the years as my own children have grown from infants to children, I've learned to ask mom friends if they've experienced certain situations and if so, how they dealt with it. Once I hear from a few moms, I get a sense of what might work for me, rather than asking someone for their "advice". I trust my "tummy voice," as I describe it to my kids. But sometimes it's very helpful to hear other women . . . give my "tummy" the opportunity to recognize what I on some level already knows.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome to Pumpin' Pal's new blog site!

Welcome to Pumpin' Pal's new blog site. We've had many moms request that we start a blog -- so you'll have to bear with me as I learn to "blog". The internal joke is that I'm never short on words (truly, never!) . . . As time goes on, I'll become more "blog-savvy."

Please feel free to ask questions/make comment about our products or suggest new topics (I'm happy to do a bit of research or suggest alternate websites for additional information).

As many of you have heard, I often say that first and foremost I'm a mom. My boys are now six and nine years old, but every time I speak with a mom who's struggling with pumping issues, I'm right back there, pumping in my family room, leaning forward VERY UNCOMFORTABLY! I truly care about the moms who purchase our products, and our company does, too! We continually receive emails from moms whose lives have been changed by using our products; and everyone in our company has asked to receive copies of them.

Thanks for visiting our new Pumpin' Pal blog.