Monday, September 21, 2009

Thank you to Alejandra in Costa Rica!

I love my job. I just absolutely love my job.

I recently received an email from a mom in Costa Rica, Alejandra Araya, who is studying to become an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactatin Consultant) as well as a La Leche League Leader. She has begun selling breastfeeding-related products and will soon be carrying Pumpin' Pal products as part of her line ( Alejandra is a mom like me, committed to helping other moms. Through her own breastfeeding experience, she realized that there are many women in her country who quit breastfeeding when they return to work because they either don't know about pumping and/or simply don't have the tools and support network to help them pump to provide breast milk while they're away from their babies.

Alejandra's email touched me -- I could hear her commitment and warmth in her email.

Thank you, Alejandra. And thank you to all the women out there helping other women breastfeed, pump, and sometimes, just get through a tough day. We need each other. I love being a part of this wonderful circle of women around the world.