Friday, October 9, 2009

Yes, there is a very special bond between breastfeeding mothers!

This morning I received a news feed that caught my eye and my heart. It was written by Melissa Kotlen Nagin who writes for In her blog, she's talking about the weekly breastfeeding support group she runs in Manhattan:

". . .The moms who attend are absolutely lovely and very warm to one another, whether they are regulars or newbies. There's no question that there is a special camaraderie amongst women who breastfeed. We're all part of a clique (a good one!), worldwide, and I'm sure you would be hard-pressed to find any breastfeeding woman who would disagree."

I have noticed this same thing, a similar special bond, amongst pumping moms. In both cases, we've been (many still are) "in the trenches." As moms, we innately have the sense of compassion and empathy, knowing we're doing everything in our power to provide for our babies. And even if we fall short sometimes, we can rest assured, knowing that our efforts are making a difference in ways we'll never know.

Thank you, Melissa, for this beautiful reminder.