Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year - Here's to Playing and Celebrating Life in Every Way

Like everyone else, I am always surprised and caught a bit off-guard when we start a new year, asking, "Where did the time go? I can't believe we're already through the holidays." It sneaks up time after time; you'd think after 45 years I wouldn't be as surprised, but I am!

What does this year hold? The promise of amazement, awareness, and wonder. Having two kids (and now a dog!), I often notice how they are so "in the moment" -- just living and playing and being. I have to make an effort to "play," whereas it's effortless for my kids and my husband. Sometimes I'm a bit hard on myself for not being very good at it. Other times, I simply accept that my skills and gifts show up in other areas (like cooking a great dinner they come in and enjoy after playing hard all day!)

And then there's Bo, our new dog, who's as gentle and playful as can be. He bounds joyfully and effortlessly into my lap when I sit down in the morning to pray and meditate, his warm little body resting easily in my lap. Simple pleasures, simple gifts . . . celebrating the "everyday-ness" of life.

Happy New Year. May you be blessed with comfort, acceptance, and a warm little friend to help slow your breathing and help you recognize the beauty all around and in you.

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